to tatiana:

  1. which one is the most challenging clone to play?
  2. what is your favorite trait about each one of the clones?
  3. how crazy is it to see the fan accounts for you on twitter?
  4. did you see the tatianapocalypse on twitter and tumblr? do you have any idea of what it is?
  5. what’s your favorite pizza topping?
  6. what’s your favorite part of the OB set?

xo @maslanyinfinity aka domi :)

I can take a lot of pressure. I’m constantly trying to make myself better.

i kind of forgot to post yesterday so i’m posting two things today! ;)

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I like you, you know how to laugh

any requests (feel free to send it as anon in ask)? i don’t know what to post today! what would you guys like to see?

The Casket Girls Preview

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welcome to daily-vampires. coming soon, bringing you gifs from tvd/to cast